The best hammer drill

A drill is a multifunctional tool that assists us bore holes even in the firmest walls made from bricks and concrete. best hammer drills can make holes – metal, wood, etc. You can use these tools to drill holes for screws or getting screws from the wall. Unlike conventional drills, hammer drills also add a hammering action. That’s why they’re far superior to rotary drills in their drilling capabilities. You certainly need this tool or for using it at home if you’re a handyman that is real.

Aside from drills, we advise you to look at our review of impact drivers and cordless drills for drilling and screwdriving tasks. Let me show you the hammer drill.

Bosch RH540M

This is a hammer drill which is one of the most effective in its class. It will cope with the difficult tasks and with any substance. This best hammer drill has sufficient power and impacts energy (which reaches magnificent 6.1 ft-lbs) to drill a deep hole in stone or concrete. Despite the fact that this version works at a relatively low rotation rate (170-340 RPM), it may bore any substance just as a knife goes through butter.


The hammer drill has so it convenient to hold the instrument. Naturally, a hammer drill needs a side handle, and this DEWALT model boasts a locking side handle with soft grip. Due to this auxiliary handle, you will always be able to generate a hole, obtaining the maximum control of the tool. The 2-finger trigger is pretty big and comfortable to push even when you’re wearing particular working gloves. Thus, it’s easy breezy to begin this hammer drill.

Makita XPH012 18V LXT

A relatively small size of this hammer drill (just about 7-3/4″ in length) allows customers to use it in hard-to-reach places. Furthermore, its extremely light weight, only 3.9 lbs, makes it possible to use this tool for a long time without any hands’ fatigue. A handle prevents hands slipping and provides a comfortable grip. A speed switcher allows you to select the best option for a specific sort of material.
This cordless hammer drill is equipped with a battery that’s ready to withstand heavy-duty use. We would like to highlight that Star Protection Computer Controls™ system analyzes the working load to correct the battery consumption and shields the equipment. In such a way, this wonderful technology allows the drill to extend the battery life by many times to its rivals.

Bosch 11255VSR

Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG is equipped with an SDS-Plus chuck which permits you to replace the drill bits using a motion of the hand. For convenient and effective operation, the manufacturer equipped this drill using a special Vario-Lock technology that makes it possible to fix the chisel. Its D-shaped handle significantly facilitates drilling holes in the floor or the ceiling whereas the handle simplifies the process of drilling walls and provides a secure grip.

Best Hammer Drill Review
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