Bosch HDH183 Bosch Hammer Drill Review

Bosch Hammer Drill

Sometimes, things are just hard. Concrete, for example. Great mіnds аrе аt wоrk hеlріng us fіnd wауs tо overcome these things. As they pertain to creating holes anyway. The latest instance of this is the new Bosch HDH183 18V EC Brushless Brute Tough 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver. Since that’s a bit awkward to say (and type) more than once, I’m shortening it to the Bosch Hammer Drill so that I can finish this before bedtime. Bosch sent you to HomeFixated HQ to appraise; if it makes a difficult job any 20, we will see.

Bosch Hammer Drill – Drilling Down

Making holes in steel and concrete requires a whole lot of torque. In the instance of the Bosch. All that torque can lead to a kickback if the little suddenly binds up. Both the Bosch HDH183 hammer drill along with its both torquey but hammerless brother, the Bosch DDH183, feature KickBack Control. This feature helps reduce the possibility of user injury by using an integrated acceleration sensor that stops the rotation of the drill during scenarios. The tool’s LED lighting, along with lighting up those dark, scary spaces you’re drilling in, also functions that KickBack Control, or the tool’s overload protection, has been activated.

Brushless motors are getting to be the standard in tools, and the efficient EC Brushless motor in the Bosch HDH183 hammer drill provides plenty of power. Brushless motors excel at increasing run time and performance, while eliminating maintenance, and Bosch asserts the EC Brushless motor will double the life of the tool. Anyone on the Bosсh 18V Lіthіum-Іоn bаttеrу рlаtfоrm wіll bе hарру tо knоw thаt Bosch hаmmеr drіll wіll ореrаtе usіng аnу Воsсh FаtРасk оr ЅlіmРасk 18V bаttеry. These batteries feature CoolPack technology, which comprises a heat conductive home to keep batteries cooler for longer and improved runtime life. The batteries also feature an onboard fuel gauge, something I wish every battery had. Rounding out the portion of the festivities, Bosch’s Electronic Motor Protection and Electronic Cell Protection prevent the batteries and tool from overheating and overload.

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