The Best Hammer Drill Reviews 2018

Drills are a staple in any workshop and are considered essential. The hammer drill has the convenience and power of a standard drill but contains the ability to bore larger holes into either wood or harder surfaces like brick or concrete. Hammer drills are not an expensive addition to your tool collection but can add a very convenient feature that few tools are able to perform.

Drill HammerHammer drills were first designed to drill rock for excavating purposes in the mining industry. Today they are used by carpenters, masons and homeowners who like to work on DIY projects. With low price of hammer drills, they are not an expensive piece of equipment and even occasional use will warrant a review. Our research and testing showed that lower end models did not have the power more expensive models offer and require more time and more downforce to get the job done. Lower priced hammer drills are also limited in the size of hole they are able to produce.

After reviews and testing the top models the Dewalt DW511 stood out from the crowd with its power, design and ability to bore holes in the toughest material. With 7.8 amps of power and a variable speed motor you will have the amperage required to complete any home project.

This large drill offers a hammer action when drilling into masonry or other rough surfaces like rock or stone. A switch or lever will typically engage the hammer action when it is needed. Most offer the versatility of giving you the applications of a traditional drill along with the hammer action feature.

Hammer DrillA basic hammer drill consists of 2 cam plates that pulses the check forward and backward as the drill spins. This pulsing action is referred to as hammering. Because of the high speeds on the drill vibration and the amount of hand force required to drill an item are key concerns when considering a hammer drill. Rotary style hammers have less vibration because they have a piston design as opposed to the cam style drills.

When buying a hammer drill it is essential to look at how the tool will be used. The maximum size bit the drill will take will impact the price. The larger the maximum bit size the more expensive the drill. It is best to buy a drill with a higher maximum bit size than you will use frequently. This prevents the drill from being used at maximum capacity on a regular basis, which will wear the motor out faster.

Best Hammer Drill Review
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